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Why It is Time for Companies to Switch to IP Phone Systems

Numerous new technologies were introduced to make business communications more effective. Definitely among those that made huge impact on business is the web.

Just a few years ago, landline based PBX was the main system employed by companies to communicate with customers, suppliers, partners anf staff. This is no longer the case. With the net and cellular technology, the old PBX system is becoming obsolete very rapidly.

The IP Telephony that runs on internet protocol is the fastest growing communication for business these days. It has more features and capabilities than the pstn pbx and other newer pbx systems. Aside from the enhanced functionality, one other reason why numerous companies prefer IP telephony over other pbx systems is its price. IP telephony is extremely affordable.
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IP telephony offers plenty of advantages. Many people won’t believe it but the thing that users appreciate most about it is it gives them the ability to walk around while making calls. Nothing can prevent employees from leaving their desks or offices. They will not miss calls since IP phones are connected to the net. This may not sound much but it can boost employees morale and the productivity.
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Because IP pbx uses the systems of the net, it offers a variety of features and functions that are not offered by the landline based PBX. Its system can incorporate numerous applications originally made to make the net more efficient. It routinely and simultaneously manages a great number of incoming and outgoing messages, place calls on hold, record calls and automatically reject calls that are not important. It also uses the emailing abilities of the web and can send voice and text messages and documents.

Easy maintenance, scalability and economy are some of the other benefits that companies will enjoy if they decide to replace their old pabx system with the more modern IP telephone system. It shouldn’t be difficult to decide to switch to IP pbx. It can be installed quite quickly and at no great cost at all since no additional gadgets are needed.

The scalability of an IP system is also very advantageous for users. IT experts are constantly developing new applications for the web that can also enhance the performance of IP pbx. This means the IP phone system in the office is always equipped with newest and most efficient features.

There is no doubt that the IP pbx is significantly less expensive than land based PBX. IP pabx system is actually best option when looking for effective business communications system.

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